Welcome to Starting Point!

Starting Point is a 10-lesson gathering designed to answer your questions about Fellowship and develop some new friendships in the process. During this time you will discover what we believe (sessions 1-5) and how we behave (sessions 6-10).
1: Welcome and Intro
2: Who is Jesus? (part 1)
3: Who is Jesus? (part 2)
4: What does it mean to be a Christian?
5: Why is Baptism so Important?
6: Our Focused Vision (part 1)
7: Our Focused Vision (part 2)
8: Church Structure
9: Join us for the Journey! (*meet in a home for meal & last session)
10: *somewhere in the process we usually answer some questions not in the material (hence, the extra week)
At the conclusion of Starting Point you will be asked to consider whether our vision is worth giving your life to; no pressure and no arm twisting, just an opportunity to know what is expected for membership here.
Questions and discussion are encouraged during these sessions, as we establish some new friendships.

When We Meet

Sunday Mornings @ 10am beginning on Sunday, August 20, 2023

What To Expect

You might be new, but others are too. By the end of Starting Point you will likely have developed several new friendships, had many of your questions answered, and feel welcomed and wanted here. You will receive a Starting Point Booklet to take notes and look back on. Jackie, our Lead Pastor, will be teaching the majority of this class. You will also meet our deacons and their wives, as they want to encourage you to reach out to them for any need they can help with. 

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