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Past series audio & video

  • Faith & family

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    Are you leaving a legacy that outlives you? The answer to that is…YES. Like it or not, your children & grandchildren are likely to live much like you have lived. As this is the case, it is vital that we consider how we can model, train, & cheer-lead our families to honor Jesus & value people for the rest of their lives.


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    The Scriptures: Why do we teach from this thing every week? Why do we hold it in such high honor while others claim it is just a bunch of myths with morals? Is it true that what we have now is just a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy that has drastically changed over 2000 years OR is there good evidence to demonstrate that what we have NOW in the 21st century, is what they had THEN in the 1st century?

    Ultimately, we are going to answer these 2 questions during this series:
    1) How did the Bible come to be & 2) and is it trustworthy?

  • gods at war


    There are Gods at War, and whether you recognize the reality or not. These ‘gods’ are competing for 1st place for the throne of our hearts - the gods of pleasure, love, money, power, & self. Worshiping nothing is NOT an option. We are wired for worship...and we do. 



    The DASH - the time between your birthdate and death-date. What are you going to do with it? This series will help us discover the 4 characteristics of a person who serves God’s purpose in their own generation…people who are Seeking Jesus, Loving Church, Serving Family, Impacting Community

  • Questions & answers

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    The Bible has real life answers for real life questions. This is a 5-week series designed to help you know WHO God is and WHAT God says.

    - Are all sins the same?

    - What does GOD think about homosexuality?

    - What IS spiritual warfare?

    - How can we stand against the devil's schemes?

    - Is the Trinity true?

  • history


    So, what if we’re WRONG? What if Jesus is just a myth, a buffet of beliefs rolled into the identity of a make-believe messiah? This series will tackle these questions with historical reliability.

  • why we do what we do...and you


    Today we begin the journey to discover what made the 1st century church so healthy and how we can follow that example in the 21st century.

  • The Promise of his presence


    There is a thread that runs through every writing in Scripture - The Promise of His Presence. Discover how the Old Testament & New Testament prove Jesus to be the Messiah who HAS come and will return.