Some of our favorites.

You will never be passionate about the message of Jesus if you're not convinced it's true. That's why we desire to equip you with the evidence to know WHY you believe WHAT you believe. These series will help you to do just that.

  • The book

    This study will demonstrate how the Bible came to be and why it's trustworthy. In our ever changing culture that denies the authority of the Scriptures, it's time for us to learn WHY we believe WHAT we believe. * audio available

    Lesson 1: The Book Intro

    Lesson 2: Inspired by God?

    Lesson 3: Transmission of the Old Testament

    Lesson 4: Transmission of the New Testament

    Lesson 5: Trustworthy Translations?

    Lesson 6: Good Interpretation (part 1)

    Lesson 7: Good Interpretation (part 2)

    Lesson 8: Good Interpretation (part 3)

    Lesson 9: Applying the BOOK to Real Life

  • The mission

    When you think of 'Missions' what comes to your mind? An overseas trip, feeding the hungry, raising money for missionaries, meeting practical needs for others, or caring for hurting people? While all of those can be part of the mission, Our mission is more than a trip. God has called us to do more than raise money to send others overseas. It’s even more than feeding hungry bellies - as worthy as those causes are. Today we will rediscover 'The Mission' according to Jesus. * audio & video available

    Lesson 1: The Mission According to Jesus

    Lesson 2: Describe a Disciple

    Lesson 3: How Jesus Developed Disciples

    Lesson 4: Maturing Disciples

    Lesson 5: Developing Disciples @ Home (part 1)

    Lesson 6: Developing Disciples @ Home (part 2)

    Lesson 7: Developing Next Generation Disciples

    Lesson 8: To Community...and Beyond!

  • History

    So, what if we’re WRONG? What if Jesus is just a myth, a buffet of beliefs rolled into the identity of a make-believe messiah? This series will tackle these questions with historical reliability. * audio available

  • NEW

    How many times have you heard this? 'Well, I'm just a sinner saved by grace. After all, I'm not perfect.' This might sound humble, but it doesn't sound like BIBLE. If you are a follower of Jesus, this study will challenge you to live holy because you've been made holy (2 Cor. 5:17, 21). * audio available

    Lesson 1: Good News, Bad News

    Lesson 2: God's View of You

    Lesson 3: Our Father's Forever Love

    Lesson 4: You Can't KNOW Until You're NEW

    Lesson 5: Empowered

    Lesson 6: Transformed (part 1)

    Lesson 7: Transformed (part 2)

    Lesson 8: Influence

    Lesson 9: Sent