Serving our family

* This page is still under construction with lots more to add.

Just as is true in your homes, we must make our family a priority. Our church family has many opportunities to serve so that we can further the KINGdom together. Don't just sit & spectate. Get involved in serving alongside your church family!

KIDZ Ministry

Our precious children are worth our time. Opportunities to serve include:


Nursery Assistant

Fellowship staff gets the diaper duty so all you have to do is play, rock and care for the youngest members of our family. Sundays 10-11am and/or 11-12:15

Preschool Leader

Share stories from the Bible and complete fun activities with our 3 & 4 year olds using "Hands on Bible" curriculum.  Our preschoolers love to play! Sundays 10-11am and/or 11-12:15

KIDZ Small Group Leader

Complete ready-made and exciting activities with our age-leveled KIDZ using "Orange: 252 Basics" curriculum. Encourage KIDZ (K-1, 2-3 and 4-5 grades), and plant seeds as they grow into an eternal relationship with Jesus. Sundays 10-11am and/or 11-12:15


AWANA Listener & Small Group Leader

Listeners listen to children share Scripture they are memorizing & encourage them as they grow. Small group leaders

teach the clubbers their verses using games and songs. Wed. 6-8pm

AWANA Game Leader

Teach our children to enjoy playing & working together as a team. Wed. 6-8pm

More Opportunities!

  • Mowing for Missions Years ago Fellowship made a commitment to use the money we paid others to cut the grass, to serve others instead. In order to make that happen we ask our folks to serve by mowing and weed eating the Fellowship Campus. Interested in helping? Call/text Tom Waddail for more info: (850) 973-0011

serving our community & beyond

Fellowship is actively involved in our community. Here are a few ways you could get involved:

  • Food Prep/Delivery We help serve our high school athletics programs, first responders, and others who need some good grub. Why? We communicate the love of God through good food & sincere smiles!
  • Women's Pregnancy Center We help provide resources (e.g. diapers, wipes) to serve mothers who choose to keep their unborn children. Further, several of our ladies volunteer time at the center to demonstrate the love of Jesus by answering phones, sharing counsel, and whatever other needs arise.
  • Bereavement Meals We provide a meal to serve family & friends after funerals. Throughout the meal we communicate value to those missing their loved ones. We even clean up afterwards, serving others in the Name of Jesus.