We know that attending a church service for the first time can be a super scary thing. 

At Fellowship, you can expect: 

Friendly Folks who treat you with value

Engaging Music that celebrates God's presence

Real Life Answers to real life questions.


YOU are valuable...and when you show up to Fellowship, you'll know it! As followers of Jesus we are convinced that YOU are created in the image of God - a person of incredible worth. Most guests to Fellowship are pleasantly surprised by how they are treated by our folks. We hope you have the same experience.


While you might not be familiar with the songs we sing, we hope you will notice our sincerity as we celebrate the Presence of Jesus & proclaim His worth through relevant music. While the style of music at our worship gatherings is different, the attitude & intention of those leading is not. We invite you to stand and sing with us or just stand in silence as you consider the lyrics of the songs we sing.


We believe that God's ancient Scriptures have real life answers for real life questions. As such, our pastors work hard in preparing to teach what the Bible says with passion & precision, engaging the audience to LIVE what we LEARN.